First and foremost, we love beer as much as you, it's why GT Ales was born. It started in 2013 from my garage at home, where we brewed on a lovely little 100litre set-up. Offering samples to friends and family, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the resounding 'you should be selling this commercially', and so got samples out to local pubs, shops, restaurants and hotels. The response from customers' from the offset was amazing, although the nano set up was working to capacity to meet the demand. Not a bad problem to have, but we wanted to keep brewing and making our
beers accessible to a wider audience.


This was made possible in 2015 when a brand new 5BBL plant was installed into our new (and existing) premises on the Old Aerodrome in Chivenor, North Devon. Born and bred here, we feel blessed to live and work in one of the most beautiful coastal locations in the UK. The brewery is housed in a characterful World War aircraft hangar, and located just off the banks of the River Taw, a few miles from the famous beaches of Saunton. Croyde and Woolacombe. From here we brew using traditional techniques, so with 4 ingredients: water, barley, yeast and hops, with nothing added, and use only the finest malts and source the worlds' best hops, for full flavoured beers. Traditional methods infused with contemporary processes create a range
of beers to suit every palette, from a light, refreshing blonde to a full bodied 10 malt oatmeal stout.


Within a few months, our flagship beer the Thirst of Many, won 'best beer'
at a local festival out of 20 regional breweries. This elevated our passion
for brewing even further as we continued to offer our products to more customers across the region. This was recognised by CAMRA, and our first 'Brewery of the Year' award was received 
in 2018. The same accolade was awarded last year, which has proved that all the hard work does pay off.

Now we're all sadly in the middle of a global pandemic, and the pub trade has been hit really hard. This has had a huge impact on the trade side of the business, and so made us focus more on the retail side. We've done this by building a new on-site shop and brand new website, and have recently moved to offering canned products which are being really well received.

The popularity of canned beers continues to grow thanks to their positive environmental benefits, and their ability to retain hop freshness. And of course, we still want people to enjoy a quality beer and strongly believe we can still have Good Times!

Please head over to the shop to see our range of beers that you can now enjoy at home. Stay safe everyone. Cheers!

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